Updated 23/01/2023

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, the information contained on this page is current at the date of publishing (23 January 2023). Information may change at any time. The College will endeavour to keep this information up to date. Pharmacists are advised that the landscape of MMR accreditation is changing regularly and therefore the content of this page is for their information only and does not represent advice. Pharmacists should monitor the situation regularly. 

Has the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) closed?+
I am a registered pharmacist. Do I need to become accredited to perform MMRs funded under the community pharmacy agreement such as HMRs and RMMRs?+
What is the process for becoming an accredited pharmacist with the College?+
Can I complete the course online?+
Do I need to reaccredit each year?+
Do I need to complete reaccreditation clinical MCQs every 3 years to retain accreditation?+
How do I register/stay registered with the PPA to be remunerated for HMRs and RMMRs?+
How many CPD credits are accredited pharmacists required to complete each CPD year? +
Do I need to pay ongoing membership fees with a professional professional body that accredits pharmacists to remain accredited?+
I have partially completed my Stage 2 Medication Management Review course with the AACP. Can I complete my accreditation with the College? +
I have completed my Stage 1 course with another accredited provider. Can I complete my Stage 2 accreditation with the College?+
Will the accreditation process remain the same? (i.e. Stage 1 and Stage 2)+
My accreditation has lapsed/resigned for a period. Am I able to re-activate my accreditation with the College?+
What processes do professional bodies have to go through to provide a course that is eligible to accredit pharmacists?+