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Dr Brett MacFarlane BPharm Hons PhD FACP
Chief Pharmacist, Australasian College of Pharmacy

It is has been a goal of mine for over a decade to create a journal for the College and I am ecstatic that it is finally here. I hope Pharmacy at the Frontline develops into an engaging, practical go-to reference for pharmacists committed to developing their clinical, leadership, and management knowledge, skills, and attitues.

The journal has humble beginings, but it is my mission to see it grow and thrive. This can only be achieved with the help of pharmacists and industry professionals, afterall the journal is for the benefit of College members. So, I invite you all to sumbit your original manuscripts for consideration of publication. If you aren't quite sure writing a whole paper is quite your speed, why not start with a letter to me. You can find the instructions to authors for the journal here.

I hope pharmacists and industry professionals receive as much enjoyment and valuable learning experiences out of engaging with the journal as I do as the editor.

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Dr Treasure McGuire PhD, BPharm, BSc, GradDipClinHospPharm, GCHEd, FACP, MPSA, MSHP
Chair, College Academic Advisory Board

The College has been a leader in clinical and business education for over four decades and I am glad to have been involved as a previous President and now chair of the Academic Advisory Board. I am delighted that we finally have the opportunity to add a peer reviewed journal to our armament, and continue to innovate at delivering quality education to College members. I hope Pharmacy at the Frontline will grow into a trusted source of practrical, relevant, and evidence-based content that College members can use every day to grow professionally and personally.