Apply for CPD Accreditation

Thank you for choosing the Australasian College of Pharmacy for your application for pharmacist CPD accreditation.

Please refer to our CPD Accreditation GuidelinesAccreditation FAQs and Accreditation Fees if you require any further information before completing the online CPD Accreditation Application form below.

The online form cannot be saved and returned to. Please complete it in one sitting. We suggest you peruse the questions before completing the form to make sure you have all the required information.

We recommend having the following items prepared before commencing the application:

  1. CV, bio or resume of all people involved in development and delivery of the CPD activity.

  2. Declaration for all people involved in development and delivery of the CPD activity including authors, reviewers, presenters, and applicants for CPD accreditation. Please direct them to our Online Declaration Form.

  3. Final content. The College needs to see the content as it will be presented to pharmacists. Please inform us in the application form if this is not ready.

  4. Final assessment tool/s

  5. Template of your certificate of completion. 

  6. Participant valuation/feedback form. (The College has developed an CPD Activity Participant Feedback Form Template which you are welcome to download and use for your CPD activity)

  7. Marketing and promotional materials for the CPD activity

Please note, the above attachments should be emailed to

If there is a section of the Application Form you are unable to complete or are unsure about, please contact us at


CPD Accreditation Application Form


Applicant Details


Proposed Activity Details

CPD Credits

Previous Accreditation


Presenter / Author Details

The Australian Pharmacy Council CPD Accreditation Standard (2.1) requires that the development of accredited activities must have SIGNIFICANT pharmacist and/or another subject matter expert (SME) involvement.

The College highly recommends that a pharmacist be involved in development of the activity to ensure that the content is relevant to pharmacist practice.

A medical writer is not generally considered to be an SME, unless they can demonstrate their expertise in the area via their qualifications and/or experience. Please distribute the link to the College declaration form above to all people involved in the development and delivery of the CPD activity.

Please ask all the above listed people to complete the College online Declaration Form available at


CPD Activity Content

The Australian Pharmacy Council CPD Accreditation Standard requires that accredited activities must:

  1. 1. Have a clearly stated learning need, based on a needs assessment (Standard 2.1)
  2. 2. Have specific learning objectives designed to meet the learning need (Standard 1.1)
  3. 3. Be mapped to the 2016 National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia (Standard 2.2)
  4. 4. Be based on critical evaluation of relevant literature and/or practice-based professional evidence (Standard 2.3)
  5. 5. Disclose non-evidence based content and limitations of evidence used (Standard 2.3)
  6. 6. Disclose conflict/s of interest (Standard 2.4)
  7. 7. Be free of commercial bias (Standard 2.5)

Refer to the College CPD Accreditation Guidelines for more information on the above requirements.

Needs Assessment

Statement of learning need

Learning objectives

2016 Pharmacist Competency Standards

The College will allocate the 2016 Pharmacist Competency Standards for you. However, the standards must be reviewed when the activity is being developed, to ensure that the content is relevant to pharmacist practice, as described by the competency standards.

Content development

Conflicts of interest

Any actual or potential conflicts of interest for ALL persons involved in developing or delivering the activity must be disclosed. Please use the separate Author/Presenter Declaration Form found on the College website. A sperate form must be completed by each person.

Commercial bias

The activity must be developed free of commercial bias. A balanced approach must be used where active ingredient and brand names are used.

Additional information about the content


Please email ALL CPD content files to after submitting this application form.

These include:

  • 1. Final MS Word or Power Point versions of the content
  • 2. Final PDFs of written content
  • 3. Supporting materials used in the activity
  • 4. Links to review sites for online activities or videos used within the activity can be entered below (The College prefers that this is accompanied by an MS Word, Power Point or PDF version of the content if possible)


CPD Assessment (For Group 2 and 3 Activities)

Group 1 CPD activities do not require an assessment of the content.

Group 2 and Group 3 CPD activities must contain an assessment tool.

Common forms of assessment tools for Group 2 activities include multiple choice questions, short answers, assignments, participation in workshop activities and discussions (active workshop participation must comprise two thirds of the activity length).

Group 3 CPD activities generally involve structured self-reflection by the participant. We recommend you contact the College to discuss assessment of Group 3 activities further.

Outline how the assessment is aligned with the learning objectives in the box below.


Recording and Certification of Participants

Please email a copy of the certificate participants will receive after completing the activity to after submitting this application form.


Participant Feedback

The Australian Pharmacy Council CPD Accreditation Standard requires that participants in CPD activities must be given the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the activity (Standard 6.3) and the provider must use the feedback for quality improvement of the activity or future activities (Standard 6.3)

The feedback collected must at least assess:

  1. 1. Whether the participant achieved the specific learning objectives
  2. 2. Whether the participant found the activity and content relevant to their practice
  3. 3. Overall satisfaction
  4. 4. Suitability of delivery

Marketing and Promotion


Application Checklist

Applicant Declaration

I, as the responsible officer of the applicant seeking accreditation, certify that the statements made in this submission are true and correct. 

I understand that this application relates to the provision of continuing professional development for pharmacists in Australia. 

I also acknowledge that the Australasian College of Pharmacy has the right to review and revoke the accreditation of any activity should it fail to comply with any conditions of the accreditation, and to trigger a review of any other activity accredited by the Australasian College of Pharmacy for the applicant. 

I further acknowledge that I have included details of any application for accreditation for this activity that has been submitted to or refused accreditation by another authorised organisation.


Any further information pertinent to your application