CPD Accreditation FAQs

As authorised by the Australian Pharmacy Council the Australasian College of Pharmacy may accredit continuing professional development activities for pharmacists for recognition of continuing competence.

Reviewed 04/10/2022

What is Continuing Professional Development?+
What is accreditation? +
Why accredit a CPD activity? What are the benefits?+
What is the process for accreditation? +
Who should be involved in developing CPD content?+
Can my accredited CPD activity be sponsored or supported?+
How long does it take to accredit an activity for CPD?+
How much does accreditation cost?+
What do I receive if my activity is accredited for pharmacist CPD?+
How do I apply for CPD accreditation?+
Can I appeal an accreditation outcome?+
Can I provide feedback or make a complaint to the College?+
What do I do if I have a question about CPD accreditation?+
Submit a CPD Accreditation Enquiry+