Accreditation Fees

Please see the table below for the College CPD accreditation fees.

The fee includes the option of promotion of the accredited activity in the College eNews or social media.

The College will provide applicants with an invoice for fee payment after the accreditation outcome has been determined (or during the process as required by the College).

The College accreditation fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Item Inclusions Fee (excl GST)
Application assistance, on request Advice on how to navigate the CPD accreditation process and develop engaging CPD activities for pharmacists $135.00 per hour
Up to one (1) hour activity Accreditation with written feedback $515.00
One and a half (1.5) hour activity Accreditation with written feedback $665.00
Writing MCQs Assistance with writing multiple choice questions (per 5 MCQs) $199.00
Online assessment Hosting on the College Learning Management System plus CPD certificate $199.00
Fast track fee For accreditation turnaround of less than 10 working days $299.00
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